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Better Sleep Begins Here

Custom sleep solutions for you and your family

Does this sound familiar?

I have to feed or rock my baby to sleep.

I'm up multiple times a night.

My baby will only nap for 30 minutes.

I want my baby to sleep in their own bed.

I've tried everything but nothing works.

I want to thrive, not just survive.


What makes me different?

Many moms I initially talk to have a lot of hesitancy about sleep training because there is the belief that the only sleep training option out there is to use the "cry it out" method. Most parents don't want to use it and neither do I!


Instead, I use gentle, parent involved methods that don't have to involve endless hours of crying or leave you feeling emotionally drained. Allowing you to experience moments of connection to your little one throughout the process and make changes to your baby's sleep in a way that feels aligned with who you are as a parent.

My mission is to create a fully custom sleep plan perfectly suited to your little one's unique personality while respecting your comfort, preferences, and goals. I am with you every step of the way, offering one-on-one support that empowers you with the knowledge and confidence to achieve the sleep goals you've set for your little one.

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Baby sleeping peacefully on a green blanket with a teddybear

Change is possible

"I rock my baby until he falls asleep, and the second I put him down, he wakes up and I have to start all over again. I have to do this every night and I’m ready for a change!"

Change is possible. Together we can make it happen.

The Process

It all starts with a no-commitment phone call.

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Free Sleep Assessment Call

It starts with a no obligation 15-minute conversation to discuss the sleep issues you are facing, your goals and what it's like working with me to see if we are a good fit.

A pastel toned baby nursery


Once we've got a contract signed and plan paid for, we begin having by having you complete a questionnaire and log in a provided app for 2 days.

Baby in a rattan bassinet

Sleep Training Begins

Once you receive your custom sleep plan, we can begin! I’ll be here along the way to provide support, guidance, and adjustments as needed. 

Passionate about good sleep

Hi, I’m Taylor Scott-Wood, I am a certified pediatric sleep consultant and I'm passionate about helping families get the sleep they need. I work closely with families facing sleep related issues including developing independent sleep kills, reducing night waking, weaning night feedings, nap transitioning, and more. I'm based in Toronto, but have clients across North America and beyond.

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Baby sleep consultant Taylor Scott-Wood holding her baby daughter

What My Clients Say

Baby Crib and nursery
Mother and baby

Shaunna, Toronto

I decided to hire Taylor to help us with our 14 month old daughter. She was very understanding, patient and respectful with our families values. She created a customized sleep plan for us that covered everything we needed and more! Any questions we had she was quick to answer and very knowledgable. We had a great experience working with Taylor and can’t recommend her enough!

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