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2 to 5 Year Old Sleep Support

Are you a parent struggling with your toddler's sleep habits?

Is your 2 to 5 year old struggling with their sleep?


Are you ready to make positive changes to to improve the quality of sleep for your little one?

Then you've come to the right place! The Sweet Dreams Package is perfect for your family!


There is no one size fits all, which is why I will create a fully customized sleep plan for your little one based on your child's sleep needs, parenting philosophy, and goals for our time together.

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This three week program is designed to achieve four main goals:

  • Develop independent sleep skills that allow your little one to be able to self soothe without needing any assistance 

  • Have a daily schedule based on your child's age and sleep needs

  • Establish a bedtime routine that provides both structure and predictability for your little one

  • Improve the quality of sleep for your little one and thus your whole family, allowing you to thrive instead of just survive

Sweet Dreams Package
$615 CAD

This package includes everything you need to teach your toddler to fall asleep independently with support and guidance along the way. We 


  • Sleep intake form to provide details regarding current sleep habits, sleep environment, your goals and more!

  • Access to the app "Rested" to log your child's daily activities that I can monitor in real time the entire time we're working together

  • A custom sleep plan delivered within 48 hours of receiving the intake form and 2 days of logs.

  • 1 hour coaching call to review the sleep plan and answer any questions you may have for me.

  • 3 weeks of unlimited email and app support within business hours.

  • Graduation guide to ensure your family's continued success!

  • 1 month post plan check in email

Support Call

Ideal for children who are already independent sleepers (i.e. do not need to be taught how to fall asleep or use sleep props) but are needing some assistance with a specific sleep issue

  • 30 minute phone or video call to review strategies on how to handle your concern(s) regarding your baby’s sleep

  • With this phone call we can go over any current issues you may be experiencing such as: nap transitioning, sleep regressions, travel, daylight savings time, etc. I can also provide a schedule and sleep tips!

  • **if you purchase this and decide you need to upgrade to the Full Support Sleep Package, the $45 will be taken off your package price.

What My Clients Say

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Marisa, Calgary

Taylor has been incredible to work with! My son was bed-sharing with us at night, with waking up almost every hour, having to be bounced or nursed back to sleep . Naps only lasted 20-30 mins with only contact napping. I wasn’t seeing the light at the end of tunnel until I reached out to Taylor. She was very thorough and understanding of what my needs and wants were for my son. She created a plan and a great schedule to get my sons sleep on track. My son is now sleeping 11-12 hours ALONE in his crib at night and having INDEPENDENT 1.5 hour naps. Truly amazing. Both my son and I are getting the much sleep we needed in order to get the best out of our day. 

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