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  • Taylor Scott-Wood

White Noise Machines, Your New Best Friend

Reading all the parenting books, you hear the term “white noise” a lot, but what exactly is it and why do I need it? We know all too well the struggle of getting your little one to fall asleep, and more importantly, stay asleep. It feels like a never ending battle. You bring your newborn home and they can sleep through what feels like anything, but eventually they phase out of that and every little noise seems to startle them awake. I’m here to tell you about your new best friend, the white noise machine.

Mom smiling at baby in their nursery
Mom and Baby in Nursery

Let’s dive into why white noise machines are the ultimate bedtime accessory to help your little one fall asleep, and stay asleep!

Here are 6 tips to master the art of the white noise machine

1. Sleep Like a Snoozing Champion

We’ve all been there before, having a tough time putting your little bundle of joy to sleep. But guess what? White noise machines are like the baby whisperers you never knew you needed. Their gentle, consistent sounds mimic the comforting environment of the womb, making it a breeze for your baby to doze off. You no longer have to stand there shhhing your baby for what feels like forever, the white noise machine does the job for you!

2. Soothing Sounds for Serenity

Babies are like tiny sponges, soaking up every sound around them. But don't fret; white noise machines come to the rescue! Their gentle hum works like magic, keeping your baby calm and relaxed. Have a dog that loves to bark, a noisy neighbour, or another child in the house? No more being scared over every little noise – it's smooth sailing with a white noise machine. Your baby will thank you for no longer having their sleep disturbed.

3. Naps Made Easy

Let's talk about daytime naps – those elusive moments of peace when you can finally grab a coffee and maybe, just maybe, a shower! White noise machines turn naptime into a total breeze. Set up the machine, and watch your little one drift off to dreamland. Plus, it creates a consistent sleep routine, making life a whole lot easier for you!

4. The Secret Weapon for Travel

Travel Noise Machine by "Hushh"
Travel Noise Machine Example

Planning a family vacation? Taking a road trip with the baby? White noise machines to the rescue again! These portable superheroes can turn any hotel room or unfamiliar setting into a cozy environment for your little one. No more stressing about bedtime disruptions – your white noise machine is like a trusty travel buddy.

5. How to Choose A Machine

There are a large variety of machines with different functions, it can be very overhlweming trying to decide on one. The most important functions to look for are: ability to continuously play and the white noise or rain sound.

Wondering where do you put it in your baby's room? You want to put the machine on the side of the loudest wall (ex. wall where you have your tv, by a loud window). The biggest tip is to have one that stay’s in your baby’s room and to purchase a travel machine as well for going on stroller walks, road trips, and more. If you need help deciding on a machine, send me an email, noise machines are a sleep consultants best friend so I can give you some guidance based on your needs.

6. Parents Need Sleep Too!

Let's not forget about you, the parents! A well-rested parent is a happy parent, and white noise machines help make that dream a reality. When your baby is snoozing soundly, you get to recharge your batteries and get ready to tackle the day.


There you have it, parents – the scoop on why white noise machines are every parent's best friend. From blocking out the background noise and allowing your little one to sleep like a champ to giving you a precious moment of peace, these machines are about to become your new best friend. So, embrace the power of white noise machines!

Sweet dreams to you and your adorable bundle of joy!


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